Energy conversion

Energy conversion also termed as energy transformation, is the process of changing energy from one of its forms into another. In physics, energy is a quantity that provides the capacity to perform many actions—think of warming an object. It is also a process in which all form of “negative energy” responsible for creating or attracting supernatural beings is transformed/converted into a positive energy.

For 30 years Grand Noble Master Ta’a Tadie Tsemo has transformed the life of thousands of people free from negative energy. Begin living the life you’ve always wanted. Let us show you how to overcome every obstacle of everyday life. Convert all failure into success. Break family curses at the ROOT!

Past life Activation

Past life phenomenon is not easily understood. One must address the issue of reincarnation and other questions when presented with a major Past Life affliction. Past lives’ don’t care about what we believe, even an atheist who follows a specific scientific model can be afflicted.

At Bantu-Leadership we understand that we are spiritual beings living in a multi-dimensional and continuing reality. We move in and out of physical incarnations. One might remember none, or a little and others remember more. Positive experience in past lives tend to integrate naturally into our present-day life, often gifting us with talents that have been nurtured in other lifetimes.


Your journey begins with your very own Personal Profile. This unique diagnosis using elements of Initiation and Mathematics will uncover crucial aspects of your life you didn’t know before. The Grand Noble Master will personally construct an energy function over your Profile to reconnect you with your ancestors for positive energy transmission.

In-Person Energy Conversion Encounter: £200 per hour

Sit down with Grand Noble Master Ta’a Tadie Tsemo and in one hour you can discover why you are the way you are and immediately change destructive habits. If you have negative energies you will be converted. This is not the work of a pastor, priest, or counsellor. This is a unique approach to our understanding of beings as energy. All our work is based on our unique understanding of mathematics transformations.

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