Past Life Issues

Past-lives are not really in the past, but instead, it’s all connected. There’s a metaphysical notion that time doesn’t actually exist, and everything is happening in the now. The people you were in other lifetimes might be functioning in your own energy right now, within you, especially if they aren’t healed or liberated.

The past life, if not healed, lives inside you. It’s combined with your energy, as it is a part of you too. Therefore, it works as an actual person, having its moods, desires, fears, and problems to the diverse and peripheral situations in your life.

Hence, any events and situations that occurred in the past life significantly impacts our current life. If you had issues in the past and your life was noxious, the chances of your future being toxic are significant. Dealing with those can be challenging and make you a negative person who feels lost in most situations in life. Without eradicating them from your life, you will have to through the same emotions and live the same circumstances repeatedly. It gets stuck in a loop, in its own mysterious and limbo type memory.

By retrieving the core root of the dysfunction, you can clear all the past life issues and be free from the toxic and traumatic memories. Bantu Leadership is remarkably well-aware about dealing with complicated conditions, and with the knowledge of using elements of Initiation, Life, and Mathematics, we will reveal aspects of your life unknown to you. By revealing the unknown, we transform your negative energy into positive energy by clearing all your problems in the past as well as the future.

When your troubled past life has noticeable effects on your existing decisions and moods, it needs to be healed. Discussing your past life issues with Ta’a Tadie Tsemo will improve your future and current life through our expertise in mathematics and life transformations.