Lack of Identity

An identity of a person lies in what they associate themselves with. Human beings are not born with identities; it is something that progresses over time. We possess many identities that we obtain from our past experiences and our distinct ethnic, cultural, social, and religious backgrounds.

Lack of identity occurs when a person loses his psychological identity; he loses the way he defined himself, and he loses the way he perceives himself.  The identity can be positive or negative; sometimes a person might associate them as being a failure, or as someone unable to do anything good or righteous. These perceptions of people about themselves have no truth to them, yet they end up creating real issues for themselves.

Whether it is mistaken beliefs or developmental delays, lack of self-identity can be a real complication and quite a struggle. It can cause innumerable problems and make people have difficulty in having the correct perception in regards to their important tasks in life.

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