Dear Bantu,
In December 2012, I took charge of the leadership of our organisation. In my speech after the consecration, I said:

“Bantu Education – that is the answer, noble and ancient tradition that believes that Initiation and Mathematics are the fundamentals of our society. We are the same, stronger together and weaker apart – Lack of Identity, Fear and grievance have won. We must keep fighting to establish ourselves.

That’s why I’m renewing my invitation to you all. Together with millions of other Bantu Leaders we are determined to fight against current cold, ignorant and mean-spirited state of our nation. But we need your help. We can’t do it on our own.

We have the opportunity to create a brighter future and that’s what the Bantu Leadership is fighting for – and if we’re going to change the direction of our nation, we need your help.

Bantu, with your help, I know we can – and we will change our nation future. So, please donate now.

With Love and Peace.
Ta’a Tadie Tsemo

Bantu Leadership

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