“Open your eyes like a true Grand Master and you will see all the transformations around you”

Ta’a Tadie Tsemo
Migration and Human Origin Researcher

The mission of the Bantu-Leadership is to advance knowledge and educate the public in Initiation and Mathematics and be at the forefront of research in Human Migration. We are also driven to bring a solution to some of Mankind great challenges.

The Bantu-Leadership is an independent, educational organisation, divided into two Schools (The school of Initiation and Mathematics and The School of Migration and Human Origin). It has some 7 Great Masters as lecturer, more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students.

At its founding in 2012, The Bantu-Leadership was a community of Great Masters eager to spread their knowledge of Initiation and Mathematics and Human Origin. Today, that spirit still guides how we educate students and how we provide new understanding to make Bantu-Leadership teaching accessible to millions of learners around the world.

At Bantu-Leadership we believe that interdisciplinary collaboration is the key to solve many complex problems. A Typical Breakthrough example: Mapping early human route throughout Africa using Dispersal theory, The Wave Equation and Hydrology. Major contributions to the understanding of Early and After Life.

Current research and education areas include Group Theory; Inverse Problems, Fuzzy Set Theory, Identifying the exact location of early human using Initiation tools (Classified Papers).

Office of The Grand Noble Master

Grand Noble Master Ta’a Tadie Tsemo has served as the second President of the Bantu-Leaderhip since December 2012.

Since 27 December 2012, Ta’a Tadie Tsemo has served as the 2nd President of the Bantu Leadership, where he is leading the organisation pioneering efforts to help shape our understanding of Initiation and Mathematics.

A champion for both Metaphysical science and Applied Science and a champion of interdisciplinary, problem-centered research, he is also pursuing an aggressive agenda to encourage deep understanding of Early and After Life.

Expanding Initiation and deep understanding of Mathematics

In Initiation, his central focus has been the development of the organisation new curriculum central to his vision of transforming our understanding of Group Theory from its birth place in Central-West Africa and metaphysical phenomenon. Ta’a Tadie Tsemo also launched the Summer school in Mathematics learning allowing many disadvantage students to further their learning of pure and applied mathematics.

Migration and Human Origin

In keeping with Bantu-Leadership mission to “advance knowledge and educate the public in Initiation and Mathematics and be at the forefront of research in Human Migration,” in March 2018, Ta’a Tadie Tsemo presented his work to a panel of expert on Migration and launched the Bantu-Leadership debate about the origin of the first inhabitant of the country called today Egypt. He concluded using inputs from many disciplines that early Egyptians are direct descendant of the people located in Central-West Africa. Ta’a Tadie Tsemo urged the latter to look inward and to provide a much-needed leadership to the rest of the world.

Championing True education and Mentorship

From the start of his administration, Ta’a Tadie Tsemo has made it a priority to equip the next generation of students with the innovative tools they need to drive their ideas to impact. Central to this is the belief that every learning is to transform lives. In April 2017, Bantu-Leadership launched The Mentorship Programme, an accelerator specially geared to help vulnerable students turn into initiation to solve and address great life challenges. This marked the latest in a suite of efforts to make Bantu-Leadership the most stimulating and supportive mentorship environment in the world.

Before Becoming President

Before becoming president, Ta’a Tadie Tsemo helped create and implement the strategy that allowed Bantu-Leadership to focus on its core aims, promoting a major multidisciplinary-led effort to address understanding around Migration and Human Origin and helped launch the Bantu-Leadership Centre for the study of After Life.

Great Noble Master Ta’a Tadie Tsemo Received His Education From Central Africa Great Kingdoms And Served For Two Years As An Assistant Professor Of Applied Mathematics At The University Of Douala. He also Worked As A Consultant In Many United Kingdom Higher Education Institutions Developing And Transforming The Lives Of Students Through Deeper Understanding Of Mathematics.

Grand Noble Master Ta’a Tadie Tsemo Is Regarded As The Leading Expert In Inverse Problem And Metaphysical Phenomena.